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13 January

Twenty years ago, a business opened a storefront, put ads in the local paper, joined a local networking organization and hoped the local customers needed what they had to offer. All that changed with the inception of the Internet. A business is no longer dependent on its local customer base for its survival; it now […]

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11 December

This platform is designed to help business owners manage some of the information displayed in search results; and provide searchers with up-to-date information about their company. Any business with a physical location or that travels to customers qualifies to be on ZimHelp. Creating or claiming your business listing allows you to provide ZimHelp with the […]

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01 December

Think of business listings as online phone books with a library of important information like your company name, address, phone number, website address, map listing, etc. Business listings can show up when people search for your business online and help people find you via search engine for businesses in your industry. You’ve heard about the […]

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